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My name is Łukasz Bojarski and I am the founder of Golden Panther Race Wear. My passion for speedway and tailoring made me start a company that

sewed tailor-made clothes.
I am a former speedway competitor, so I know how important comfort and good quality of suits and functional clothing are.
Together with my fiancée, we are constantly developing our company and adding new products to our offer. At the moment, we deal with sewing speedway accessories, functional and everyday clothing, motocross accessories and clothing for horse riding.

We design 90% of our projects from scratch.
We work closely with the Wybrzeże Gdańsk speedway club, Equestrian companies and many speedway competitors


Our team is a combination of freshness, experience and ambition. We have heads
full of ideas
and we devote ourselves entirely to our passion, that is sewing and designing.



From the beginning of the Golden Panther brand, we have been working hard to ensure that our products are made with the utmost care and are of high quality. We do not compromise.
Quality and customer satisfaction come first with us




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